Finding time for learning

One of the hardest things about self development is that you have to go out of your way to pro-actively learn - mostly in your own time - rather than simply waiting for the information and experience to fall in your lap. At least that's what I believe. I'm one of those awful humans who… Continue reading Finding time for learning

Learning Docker: The Dockerfile

I've been struggling to keep this blog up to date with the things I'm learning, and I end up posting small things that don't show off anything I'm actually doing (the 6-sided die, for example). I think this is because I've been learning a lot, but not doing anything with it. Therefore it's difficult to… Continue reading Learning Docker: The Dockerfile

Triggering change scene in our Unity conversation

Making and ordering scenes in Unity One of the first things you should do in any game (in my opinion) is make a start menu. This means that at any time, so long as you have a win and lose condition that lead back there, you will always have something that's exportable and playable. I… Continue reading Triggering change scene in our Unity conversation

Adding character art to our dialogue scene in Unity

Ok so this is a continuation of my first post here, which takes you through how to create a script for writing dialogue into a scene in Unity. Creating the Art I'm just going to quickly go through a couple of things. I'm no award-winning game artist or suchlike, so I can just tell you… Continue reading Adding character art to our dialogue scene in Unity

What I learned cutting corners in CSS (using clip-path)

What was the problem So I work for a company that makes adverts. A little while back, we got a new client that wanted some of the boxes in their ad to have cut-off corners. This is part of their brand aesthetic, so not something that could simply be ignored, but also something that provides… Continue reading What I learned cutting corners in CSS (using clip-path)